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HCA's Executive Director Announces Retirement

Dr. Aubrey Penney, Executive Director and former Principal of Halifax Christian Academy (HCA), has announced his resignation effective July 31, 2023.

Halifax Christian Academy (HCA) is a leading private Christian school in Nova Scotia that offers a comprehensive faith-based academic program for families in Halifax. Established in 1975, HCA has provided quality Christian education to students for almost five decades. With a mission to equip students to develop a love for learning and an unshakeable faith, HCA fosters a community that positively impacts others through service.

Dr. Aubrey Penney, Executive Director and former Principal of Halifax Christian Academy (HCA), has announced his resignation effective July 31, 2023. Dr. Penney has been an integral part of the HCA community for the past four years, providing exceptional leadership and guidance. As the Executive Director, he leads the Senior Leadership Team, consisting of Mr. Stephen Michels - Principal, Mr. Derrick Funk - Vice Principal, and Ms. Shuang Li - ECE Director.

In his letter announcing the resignation to school parents, Keith Kam, Chair of the Board of Directors, praised Dr. Aubrey Penney's exceptional leadership during his four-year tenure at HCA, including steering the school through difficult times and bringing it into a season of growth. Dr. Penney's leadership was invaluable during the COVID-19 pandemic when he oversaw the execution of online learning and other safety measures. He also stepped in as the interim Board during a difficult leadership transition and helped establish a new Board of Directors. As the Executive Director, he advocated for better staff salaries by implementing a teacher salary structure.

We encourage all members of the community who value Christian Education to support Halifax Christian Academy in any way they can. This could be through donating, volunteering, or praying for the school and its students. Your support will help ensure that HCA continues to provide a safe and nurturing environment where students can grow academically, spiritually, and socially. 

For additional information or inquiries about this announcement, please contact Mr. Keith Kam, Board Chair, at

Halifax Christian Academy (HCA) is a non-profit, independent school that provides a broad academic program from Early Childhood Education (ECE) and pre-primary through Grade 12. Established in 1975, the school currently serves over 260 students and is committed to creating an environment that glorifies Jesus in all aspects of life. HCA offers an international program and EAL, as well as a resource program for students needing additional help in learning. The school also provides weekly chapels and after-school clubs for extracurricular activities.

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