Academic Program

Pre-primary/Jr. K to Grade 12 Christian Education


Our teaching staff is diverse in age, experience, background, and education. They are committed to teaching your child with the love of Jesus.

We Love

At HCA, you are not just attending a school, but gaining lifelong friendships and a family-like community. 

We Pray

Prayer is a regular part of the daily rhythm at HCA. Students pray for one another as well as communially for the world and others.

Our Campuses & Programs

HCA functions out of two campuses in the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM). Our Timberlea campus provides Early Childhood Education in one wing, and a full elementary school in the other. Armdale campus is home to our administrative offices and offers classes from pre-primary (jr. kindergarten) to grade 12 graduation and includes our international and english programs, as well as Resources for students who are looking for additional supports.


Pre-Primary to Gr. 6

Our Armdale Campus is conveniently located just 15 minutes from downtown Halifax and a easy commute from areas such as Fairview, Clayton Park, Bedford, and Spryfield. We offer Christian Education at this campus from pre-primary to grade 12. Our academic administration office is also located in this building along with our school Principal, Dr. Penney.

  • Strong Academic & Reading Levels
  • Checkmark Weekly Chapels hosted by a class
  • Checkmark Phys Ed. classes twice a week
  • Checkmark Music Appreciation or Band
  • Bible Class & Weekly Scripture Memorization (lower Elementary)

GRADES 7 & 8

Middle School

Middle school stands as a transition point -- Academically: students are moving from the foundational skills of elementary school to the higher level reasoning skills of senior high school. Developmentally: students are transitioning from childhood to adolescence. Recognizing that during these two years, most students will experience immense change, we are dedicated to reinforcing fundamental skills in all subjects while guiding students as they learn to collaborate, investigate, and present their ideas while mastering the necessary academic concepts.

  • Weekly Chapel with worship lead by students
  • Phys Ed. classes twice a week
  • Checkmark MS Band


High School

High school at HCA prepares students both academically and spiritually for their lives as adults, their future careers, and their academic pursuits. To provide students with as many post-secondary opportunities as possible, HCA is focused on the core STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) and offers a suite of 30 in-house grade 10-12 courses in addition to providing students with access to a number of online courses and Advanced Placement exams.

  • Weekly Chapel with worship lead by students
  • Checkmark Online Courses Available
  • Checkmark Advanced Placement Exams


International & EAL Program

Our International Program offers an excellent English as an Additional Language (EAL) Program, smaller class sizes, cultural adventures, and the option to be joined with safe & involved host families who are often parents of currently enrolled students or alumni. 

  • Excellent EAL Program
  • Checkmark Cultural Adventure Activities outside of school
  • Checkmark Option to stay with a host family


Resource Program

Our Resource Program allows students who need additional individualized attention to get caught up to HCA's academic level through 1-1 lessons during certain class times. 

  • Available for all grades
  • Checkmark Please inform admissions during your application process if you believe your child would benefit from our Resource Program



Every cycle (Fall, Winter, and Spring), we offer lunch or after-school clubs for students. Clubs are hosted by volunteers or through programs such as Mad Science. All volunteers and club hosts are required to do a background and criminal check.

Below is a list of the various clubs we have offered in the past. Because these clubs are based on volunteers and demand, they may not always be available every year, cycle, or for every campus or age group.

  • Sewing Club, Chess Club, Hebrew Club
  • Checkmark Mad Science, Math Club, Computer Club
  • Checkmark Soccer Club, Basketball Team, Running Club, Ski Club
  • Checkmark Bible Studies, Worship Team
  • Checkmark and more!

Curriculum Catalogs

GRADES 5 & 6

Curriculum for Upper Elementary

Middle School Curriculum
GRADES 7 & 8

Middle School Curriculum

High School Curriculum 2022-23
GRADES 9 to 12

High School Curriculum


Day to Day Information

What you can expect on a typical day at HCA.

  • School Hours

  • Before & After School Care

  • Parking & Transportation

  • Lunches

  • Uniforms

  • Shuttles

School Hours


  • School starts at 8:15AM Mondays thru Fridays.
  • Students may be dropped off any time after 7:45AM.
  • School is officially dismissed at 3:15PM and students should be picked up by 3:30PM or stay for after-school care until 5:30 at a cost of $7 per student, per day.


  • School starts at 8:15AM Mondays thru Fridays.
  • Students may be dropped off any time after 7:45AM.
  • School is officially dismissed at 2:50PM and students should be picked up by 3:05PM or stay for after-school care until 5:15 at a cost of $7 per student, per day.

In total, each student has just under 1,000 instructional hours per year.

Before & After School Care

Our before and after school care is available every school day.


  • Before School Care –
    • 7AM to 7:45AM: $5 per day
  • After School Care –
    • 3:30PM to 5:30PM: $10 per day


  • Before School Care –
    • 7:15AM to 7:45AM: $5 per day
  • After School Care –
    • 3:05PM to 5:15PM: $10 per day

Parking & Transportation

HCA is a commuter school as we serve the entire Halifax Regional Municipality and parents are responsible for transporting students to and from school. There is street parking around our school but we ask all parents to be mindful of not blocking driveways and ensuring a safe environment for all students and neighbours alike. 

Please refrain from pulling into our parking lot as students must cross the parking lot to reach their family vehicles during pick-up and drop-off.


Lunch is not included in the price of tuition but we do provide several options that families can sign up for on a needed basis. 

Lunch provided this year includes:

  • Subway sandwich orders
  • LunchLady hot lunches
  • Weekly Pizza

We also have a milk program where 2% and chocolate milk can be ordered per cycle/term.


HCA has adopted uniforms to create a sense of belonging, unity, and remove social pressures of dressing in the latest trends. 

On average, parents spend about $300-400 per student on uniforms.

Uniforms can be purchased for a limited time at our school shop or online at Lands End.

Lands End School Code: 900163064


An intercampus shuttle is available to students. Shuttle seats are available on a first-come sign up basis for the full year

  • Intercampus Armdale to Timberlea Shuttle: $900 per student per year (can be paid monthly)

Book a tour to learn firsthand!


Prospective parents agree that coming in for a tour helped them in their decision to enroll at HCA.

Text can only convey so much about what makes HCA unique on a screen. Come experience our discipleship culture and meet our team and teachers on a personalized tour of either of our campuses.