What do you love about HCA?

Hear firsthand from our students what they love about HCA. 

Jesus in our Education
The thing I love most about Halifax Christian Academy is that Jesus Christ can be the centre of my education. Throughout the week, we have many opportunities to turn our attention to our Lord and Saviour, whether it is through weekly chapels or morning devotions.
We have chapels, teachers that are willing to pray for you, morning devotionals and even worship teams that students can get involved with. 
I love HCA because I get to worship God.
We can come to school and not be ashamed of our faith.
There are big opportunities for us to grow in our faith and our education to advance you into your future career.
We can all speak about Jesus freely, and we don't have to be afraid that someone might call us out for it.
At my old schools, we don't talk about God so here I have a stronger relationship with God.
We don't have to be ashamed of your faith to be here which can happen at a lot of other schools.
I'm very grateful that we can put God first in all things.

Christian Education

As you can see from our students, Christian education matters, especially in today's global landscape. 


HCA wants to continue to make accessible Christian education so that every child has the opportunity to attend a school that reflects their faith. However, this can be out of reach for many students due to financial circumstances outside of their control.

You can make a difference by supporting our bursary program that provides tuition assistance to families who need it. Your gift allows young followers of Jesus Christ to grow academically, socially, and spiritually in a loving, diverse, and faith-building environment that will impact their lives inside and outside of school.

We ask that you prayerfully consider giving to Halifax Christian Academy in the coming days before the end of 2022 (as a registered charity, all donations to HCA will contribute towards your 2022 charitable tax credit).

Together, we can create a hopeful and encouraging future for students who seek to live out their faith in 2023.


What makes HCA special?

Take a look at the candid responses from our students appreciating the close community within the school.


What I like about HCA is the community and how everyone treats each other like family.

I've lived practically my entire life here. My friends are like my other family.

The community, there are a lot of really nice and caring people.

When I came back to HCA, there was a massive culture shock. I was instantly embraced and like there was no change.

And it's fun. The entire high school is bonded here. When you come in here and you see someone, you instantly know that person. 

The energy here is just unmatched.

I feel very welcome here.

You can be yourself here.

All my friends welcomed me back. There were new faces but I fit in instantly. It's like I never left.


What sets HCA apart?

Our students share what they love about their teachers.


The thing that separates HCA from other schools is that we can have connections as students with our teachers

What I love about HCA are the teachers that care a lot about you.

I love HCA because I love my school community and my teachers.

The teachers here are amazing.

If you ever have any problems, you can go to our teachers about them.

It's so important to have an environment where students are invested in by their teachers and HCA provides this for us.


Halifax Christian Academy

We desire to continue to provide affordable Christian education to as many students who wish to attend a Christian faith-based school as possible.

Your donation to HCA makes this feasible and continues the work of Christian education in Halifax year after year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does HCA need to fundraise?

Halifax Christian Academy's tuition payments only partially fund the school's operational costs. Tuition and fees amount to approximately 76% of HCA’s total budget.  Fundraising, offerings, and CSF bursaries generate under 7% of the school’s revenue.  This year, we will need to raise over $200,000 to bridge the gap between costs and revenue.

Our desire is to continue to provide affordable Christian education to as many students who wish to attend a Christian faith-based school as possible. Your donation to HCA makes this feasible and continues the work of Christian education in Halifax year after year. 

Is HCA a registered charity?

HCA is a registered non-profit organization of Canada (charity no. 107461170RR0001)

Will I receive a tax receipt?

All donations made online with our fee-free nonprofit donation platform (zeffy) will receive a tax receipt immediately upon completion.

For donations over $20 made via electronic transfer (eTransfer), pre-authorized debit transfer  (PAD), cheque (made out to Halifax Christian Academy), Paypal, or cash: a tax receipt will be sent to your email or mailing address during tax season (Jan/Feb). 

What methods do you accept for donations?


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