Tuition Investment

We recognize the investment parents make by choosing HCA. We provide strong academic training with Christian values while helping to develop and prepare students' spiritual, mental, and academic growth for both their faith and their future after graduation. At HCA, you are investing in your family with a partner that affirms your beliefs and assists your students to own their faith. HCA delivers this with tuition and fees which are substantially lower than other private schools in HRM, as our mission is to make Christian Education available to all families that desire Christian Education.

Elementary - Armdale



From Pre-primary to Grade 6

10 monthly payments of $1020 from September thru to June

  • Checkmark Family and Siblings rate available (excluding Tuition Assistance).
  • Checkmark No other discounts apply with Tuition Assistance

Middle School - Armdale



Grades 7 & 8

10 monthly payments of $1055 from September thru to June

  • Checkmark Family and Sibling rates available
  • Checkmark No other discounts apply with Tuition Assistance Program

High School - Armdale



Grades 9 to 12

10 monthly payments of $1080 from September thru to June

  • Checkmark Family and Sibling rates available
  • Checkmark No other discounts apply with Tuition Assistance

Family Discounts

Attend HCA together. These discounts apply to students from the same household who are attending HCA during the same school year.

Armdale Multi-Student Discount

  • 2-Student Family Discount: 10% off both student’s tuition (excluding Timberlea)
  • 3 Students Family Tuition Rate: $21,500 plus $2,200 per student thereafter

Timberlea Multi-Student Discount

  • 3 Students Family Tuition Rate: $21,500 plus $2,000 per student thereafter

Affiliate Discounts

Additional discounts for corporate sponsors, partner churches, pastors and alumni/former students’ families of HCA:

  • Pastors Discount: 40% off total tuition for full-time pastors employed in congregational ministry. No other discounts apply.
  • Alumni / Former Students of HCA: 10% off total tuition

Full Tuition before Sept 1

Tuition paid in full prior to September 1 will receive a 3% discount.

Please email to arrange payment.

Additional Fees

Fees due before Enrollment

  • New Family Fee (non-refundable) – One time fee at the time a family first enrolls: $1,000 per family
  • Application Fee (non-refundable): $250 per student
  • English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) Fee (non-refundable): $1,000-3,000 based on student assessment
Shuttle Bus

Students using the Intercampus shuttle service are permitted to utilize the before & after school care at Armdale for a 50% reduced rate of the Armdale rate for $5/day/usage.

  • Armdale to Timberlea Shuttle: $1000 per child per year.  To accommodate family budgets, fees can be paid $100/month (September  – June)

Ongoing fees not included in tuition

  • Required Uniforms: Approximately $300-400 per student
  • Optional Before & After School Care: available every school day.


  • Before School Care – 7AM to 7:45AM: $5 per day
  • After School Care – 3:30PM to 5:30PM: $10 per day


  • After School Care – 3:05PM to 5:15PM: $10 per day
  • Before School Care – 7:30AM to 8:00AM: $5 per day

Frequently asked questions

Some common questions about tuition at HCA

Are Uniforms included in the cost of tuition?

Uniforms are purchased separately by the family through our uniform shop or third party vendor, Lands End. Uniforms cost approximately $400 per child but can be reduced by purchasing used pieces through our FB group community or unbranded pieces at local clothing retailers.

Why are uniforms required?

HCA has uniforms for several reasons:

  • To maintain high standards in the appearance of our student body
  • To avoid competition in dress among the students
  • And to minimize expense to parents for school clothes in this day of “designer” styles and fast fashion

The prescribed uniform is outlined in our uniform guidelines and can be ordered through the online HCA Uniform Shop. We also have a used uniform buy/sell/give group so that outgrown, good condition uniforms may be passed on to other students within the community.

Students are required to attend school dressed in regulation uniform. Uniforms should be clean, neat, and tidy.

Are books included in tuition?

Published workbooks, textbooks, and books are included in the cost of tuition according to the curriculum taught in each grade.

Are lunches included in tuition?

Lunches are not included in the tuition price. We offer hot lunches through a variety of outside vendors such as Lunch Lady and Subway and have weekly Pizza days ordered at the beginning of a cycle (Sept-Dec, Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun). We also have milk orders available daily for an additional nominal fee.

Are school supplies (pens/papers/binders, etc) included in tuition?

School supplies such as pencils, notebooks, pencil crayons, binders, etc. are not included in the cost of tuition. School supplies lists are released in July for the upcoming school year for every grade.

Is there a shuttle bus service available?

Yes, we have an intercampus shuttle that runs between our Timberlea and Armdale campus. There is an additional annual fee of $1000 per student per year (paid monthly $100/month/student) for the intercampus shuttle. Based on availability on a first-come-first-serve basis.